A festive diary of TS Grale’s first year in business


In the spirit of sharing festive stories here is the “slalom” journey that I hope will resonate with other individuals and provide some fun, and practical, insights into starting a new business:

APRIL 26th 2016 – Opened for business with the realisation that our new office was an “internal office” and had no windows. In pursuit of natural light, moved into another new office, so not just perspiration but inspiration too!

MAY – Website launched, first pieces of work acquired. Just about managed to stop answering the phone using my previous company’s name (20 years of habit is hard to break)

JUNE – Partners now into full swing of selling the virtues of TS Grale, now less concerned and more optimistic about responding to the “TS who” and “what does it stand for”?

JULY – We are starting to get busy and the realisation of tackling multiple assignments (some we’re happy to admit a little out of our comfort zone) is striking home. Our research team are using language that isn’t printable…..!

AUGUST – Whilst our work to this point has been centred around SME Manufacturing businesses we have just won our first contract for a FTSE 250. Contrary to the usual belief that searches take months, the process is delivered in 8 weeks. Can I take that holiday yet?

SEPTEMBER – Of three partners two are now on holiday, I drew the short straw, but that’s OK. As a partnership we all support each other’s work for our candidates and clients. Hold on……I am now doing three people’s work! I look out over Leeds City Centre trying not to get sucked into a “strategy” session at the local pub.

OCTOBER – Our biggest month to date and, with a solid flow of work continuing, our original timescales on hiring staff suddenly seem very cautious! Should I bring a sleeping bag into the office?

NOVEMBER – Although we have predominantly been working across Northern and Midlands regions, the Manufacturing community in Southern England beckons. Looks like it’s time for an upgraded car to make these journeys more acceptable. As a Scot living in Yorkshire should I be proud that Glasgow are turning on their Christmas lights 20th November??

DECEMBER – It’s been an incredible first 8 months. We have just hired our first staff members, we are moving into another new office (yes there is even more natural light…..not that there is much of it as I write this) and we have had some terrific feedback from our candidates and clients. I’m looking forward to the Christmas break, and to staying away from my unwanted companions…..the M62 and M1.

What’s happening in early 2017?

A new division is being launched, a new website is on its way and a new office is being moved into…..UK Manufacturing, thank you.

My partners and I would also like to thank:

our “better halves” for their patience and support as we invest the time necessary to build the business

our candidates for their outstanding feedback, and understanding that although we are a small firm we do everything we can to meet their expectations

our clients for giving us the chance to prove that size of infrastructure rarely beats the strength of the individual’s experience when it comes to attracting the best people.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy New year.

TS Grale Executive Search

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