What UK Manufacturing needs to consider when securing the best senior talent

September 29, 2016 Written by: TS Grale

Recent reports from industry bodies and global consulting firms have shown the deepening gulf between demand and supply in manufacturing for talented professionals. Whilst we are all engaged with the long term consideration of fulfilling two million+ vacancies in the industry by 2022, very few people are addressing the UK’s need to raise the profile of UK manufacturing on a global level. The UK is renowned on a global stage for engineering capability, and quality, yet somehow the talk of manufacturing inevitably steers towards BRIC economies and emerging markets rather than focusing on both the importance, evolution and digitisation of … Read More

Interim Management – the competitive advantage?

May 19, 2016 Written by: TS Grale

Partners at TS Grale have over 50 years of combined experience providing executive and interim management recruitment services. We believe that true Interim Managers are talented, results-driven people who have a dedication to assessing efficiency, leading change and creating profit/value for UK businesses of all sizes. They are highly experienced in line management and operations, leading and teaching companies how to create surety in often un-navigated or choppy waters. Why then do so many companies vehemently oppose their utilisation when, in a short space of time, they can make the difference between success and failure? We don’t know either, so … Read More

Executive Recruitment in Manufacturing – Choosing the right partner

May 3, 2016 Written by: TS Grale

In recruitment the debate of whether to use an established global firm or specialist boutique recruiter is a common talking point. The executive search industry, in the opinion of TS Grale, is split into three camps rather than two. Firstly, we have Global search firms providing Board recruitment across FTSE 250 and multinational companies; Secondly, the international recruitment firms undertaking executive recruitment as a branch alongside their core business; Finally, we have the boutique firms specialising by industry and/or function. Looking at the current business climate with varying macro-economic factors challenging UK Manufacturing, we all know the need to drive … Read More