TS Grale Consumer understand that whilst leadership requirements continue to evolve, the need for high-performing business executives remains constant.

TS Grale deliver an Executive level service for FMCG, Consumer and Life Science professionals both on a national and international basis. They have a team of well networked consultants who are entrenched into the industry and can offer market insights at all levels.

As a division we differentiate ourselves through our ability to attract, assess and deliver the highest calibre industry professionals to a range of global and SME customers. Our network spreads across the below industries with a proven track record in each

“TS Grale fully understand their clients’ organisations and their requirements from the start. Most recruitment companies do not listen whereas the TS Grale team were very methodical in gathering background information. Very impressed by all stages of the process. In particular, I found the individuals we worked with very thorough and professional.”

Will Chelsom, Managing Director

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