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Welcome to our first blog of a new series ‘A Day in the Life’, where our Marketing Assistant Erika Medveckaite will be introducing members of our team from each department and their personal experiences within TS Grale.

This week I would like to start the series off by introducing myself and my job role here at TS Grale.

Why did I choose TS Grale?

TS Grale Christmas Jumper Day

Before I started working at TS Grale, I was studying Law fulltime at university. I enjoyed my course but being a student and having a small child meant that I could not devour the full experience. I was stressed, unhappy and I felt insecure. A ‘good job’ is not guaranteed upon completion of a degree, and stability is one of the most important things for me, as a mother. Being eager to start employment and build my life, I took the plunge and withdrew from my studies.

I had an interview with Paul Fleming – a Managing Partner at TS Grale, over a Teams Meeting during lockdown. I remember being really nervous, but he put me at ease and gave me the confidence that I needed. He also assured me that they’re a family orientated business which meant that I would be supported and able to work from home from time to time. It was perfect!

I am a part of a supportive and friendly team where I can be myself and feel appreciated. The managers here take the time to get to know their employees and offer tailored training as well as rewards for any achievements – everybody is valued. I have made great friends and was even promoted within 10 months! Therefore, I cannot wait to grow further with the company and see what the future holds for us all.

What do I enjoy most about working at TS Grale?

I enjoy the company of my colleagues, our end of month events, and the positive atmosphere in the office. As for work itself, I love to learn, and I appreciate the time and effort my managers put in to develop my skills. This includes training, collaboration with more experienced staff and time to study.

What does a typical day look like for me?

My mornings tend to be hectic. I manage to get myself and my toddler ready in under an hour – squeezing in a snack or two before heading out. When I arrive at the office, I am always greeted with enthusiasm by the consultants, who tend to arrive at the office before me.

Making a cup of coffee and checking my to-do list are usually the first things I do to ensure that I am energised and prepared for any upcoming events, awareness days, or filming. Being new to my job role, I undergo training quite regularly with my Marketing Manager – Laura Owens. I learn something new each time and get given the opportunity to have my ideas heard.

The workload can be challenging at times, especially when there are events coming up, deadlines to meet and unforeseen childcare issues. Working from home sometimes means I must juggle all those things. Whether it is having a Teams Meeting with my toddler yelling in the background or doing bits of work as well as the occasional nappy change. With the right preparation and time management, anything is possible.

What excites me most about work?

It is hard to pinpoint what excites me about the work, because I love my job role overall. I love planning, designing, researching, filming, developing new ideas, and I could go on… No two days are the same. The most important factor is planning ahead, being consistent and organised. As a control freak, those skills come naturally to me.

What is it like starting a new job role remotely?

Before my start date, the thought of beginning a new job role remotely was unimaginable. However, with software such as Microsoft Teams, the unimaginable became reality, and to my surprise; remote training went extremely well.

Nerves and anxiety are normal to feel when starting a new job. For me, those feelings persisted as I didn’t get to meet my colleagues face to face for weeks because of lockdown. When I eventually met everybody, I was awkward. I couldn’t relate and felt like I did not fit in – no matter how hard I tried to let my guard down.

It took some time, but when my true personality came through; I developed better relationships with my colleagues and started to understand the wider context of the work my team does. As more people joined, I didn’t feel like the newbie anymore.

My advice

I’d say the most important thing is to trust yourself. More often than not; you are capable of achieving incredible things – it is all about your mindset. Also, be honest with your boss and/or your manager because they usually want to help and accommodate you. Whether you are a nervous new starter, or a new mum juggling both lives; there’s always options and a world of opportunities out there, you’ve just got to find them.

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