Executive Recruitment in Manufacturing – Choosing the right partner


In recruitment the debate of whether to use an established global firm or specialist boutique recruiter is a common talking point. The executive search industry, in the opinion of TS Grale, is split into three camps rather than two. Firstly, we have Global search firms providing Board recruitment across FTSE 250 and multinational companies; Secondly, the international recruitment firms undertaking executive recruitment as a branch alongside their core business; Finally, we have the boutique firms specialising by industry and/or function.

Looking at the current business climate with varying macro-economic factors challenging UK Manufacturing, we all know the need to drive surety in supply and value in process is paramount. When making a decision on sourcing senior management and executive personnel then utilisation of a large firm, or global recruitment business, should define success but it is often not the case.

As a partner in TS Grale, a boutique recruitment firm working across UK Manufacturing, I wanted to give SMEs and Corporate businesses an understanding of why the challenger brands genuinely deliver an improved service to their larger counterparts. Rather than list every selling point here are the two main reasons, in our opinion, that play a part in boutique executive search firms delivering better results:

Firstly, executive recruitment should be no different to any other professional service. The individual supporting advisement, attraction and assessment is the single most important point of differentiation for all invested parties. In Manufacturing, especially, it is critical that your recruitment partner directly relates to the audience they are engaging with. In boutique recruitment companies, the partners/directors deliver the assignments from start to finish rather than delegating, ensuring transparency and integrity of the process.

Secondly, the essence of success for a boutique executive search firm relates to the personalised service and proposition delivered to its customers. A boutique firm utilises word of mouth and referrals primarily to drive growth with each executive search assignment. This continuity of service and delivery ensures that future assignments, without the pressure of a blue chip recruiter to grow through new revenue streams, keep playing to the strengths of the customer and executive recruiter. Manufacturing and industrial companies naturally adopt the same strategy of growth. In conjunction, both manufacturer and boutique Executive Search firm relate to the cultural proposition of quality, service, innovation and value.

At TS Grale we know, like a recent football team that has captured hearts and outperformed its bigger rivals, that quality of Executive Search in Manufacturing is not defined by the perception of size or brand. Rather, it is defined by the quality and characteristics of the partners and their commitment to deliver.

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