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I’m pleased to say it’s been a very busy period for TSGrale over the last few months. Whilst it’s great as an employer of a dedicated and hard working team to talk about success, I can’t help feeling torn about sending this message out to market at such a challenging time for so many people and companies.

As a growing, internationally focused search/recruitment business we are undoubtedly keen to continue building our brand and reputation. Why therefore does it sometimes feel wrong to “shout from the rooftops” about success?

Shouldn’t we be trying to share positive news and positive stories/thoughts to encourage others?

At TS Grale it is our job to meet, interview and assess great leaders across a broad spectrum of companies and environments. When reflecting on the question above I wanted to link the common traits from our World Class Leadership report:

Great leaders are:

1.    Listeners

2.    Empathisers

3.    Inspirers

4.    Socially responsible

5.    Have clarity of vision

6.    Understand generational differences

“So what!” I hear you say…. “What has this got to do with sharing stories of success?!”

Well here is a critical statement which wasn’t clear in the report:

Great leaders are not always at the top of the organisation.

These leaders “within” an organisation have voices; they have advice; they have shared experiences; they have answers; and by voicing our own thoughts I hope we are encouraging them to share.

To all of the current, future and emerging leaders out there: “We all look forward to hearing your positive stories!” We will all do our best to encourage sharing of success and link you to our customers, as well as the broader community as a whole.

Stay positive and keep sharing!

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