Psychometric testing for leadership roles

When planning a recruitment campaign for a leadership role, psychometric testing for desirable traits can be really helpful in gaining a comprehensive and deep understanding of potential candidates. According to The Independent, 75% of fortune…
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How Is Covid19 Affecting People Wanting To Lead?

According to Forbes, a number of factors including financial debt, geopolitical instability and, very obviously Covid19 is causing a shift in the focus of leadership teams globally. The challenges faced by our top level teams…
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Leadership and Sharing Views

I’m pleased to say it’s been a very busy period for TSGrale over the last few months. Whilst it’s great as an employer of a dedicated and hard working team to talk about success, I…
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Why we need more female leaders in manufacturing

Traditionally, the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors have been heavily dominated by male workers and leaders. Today, the STEM sector (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) remains a heavily male-dominated industry. Women account for just 24%…
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