Recruiter Briefing: What Secures a Great Candidate

According to a recent survey of companies hiring external talent, surprisingly, 40 per cent of processes fail to get them the right person. A study by Finances Online, found that 93.5% of candidates valued “the…
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Assessment – Selecting The Best Talent

Each year, businesses lose money on bad hires. According to the CIPD, this cost is around £12,000 per hire, however, it has been reported to be as high as 30% of their base salary. Whilst…
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A Day in the Life – Jamie Birdsall

In this blog we will be introducing Jamie who specialises within the global General Contractor construction sector. We had the opportunity to catch up and learn more about him and his very exciting background! Your…
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Six Thinking Hats – make the right decision

According to Zippia, “the average worker spends at least three hours a week in meetings” and, shockingly, 71% of meetings are classed as unproductive. As professionals, we are spending more valuable time engaging in conflicting…
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A Day in the Life: Katia Deniscuka

In this blog, we will learn a little more about Katia who has recently joined TS Grale’s apprenticeship program as a Business Administrator. Your background I was originally born in Liepaja, Latvia but my family’s…
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