8 of the Best UK Manufacturing Events in 2019

April 18, 2019 Written by: Paul Fleming

Manufacturing exhibitions and events are a great way to keep up with all the latest industry developments. You’ll get the chance to meet potential new clients and suppliers, gain insights from thought leaders that could influence your business strategies, and see all the latest developments in technologies that could progress your transition to a Smart Factory. Here’s TS Grale’s roundup of nine great manufacturing events happening in the UK in 2019. Event: Advanced Manufacturing Show Date: 4-6 June 2019 Location: NEC Birmingham With manufacturing technology continuing to take centre stage in allowing manufacturers to boost efficiency and performance while cutting … Read More

How to make a good impression as a new leader, and why you should!

April 2, 2019 Written by: Jason Saunders

It’s not news that we’re all guilty of making very quick judgements; you may have heard that it takes only 7 seconds to decide on the characteristics of others. A study in 2016 found that it’s much less than that, and that we actually make those decisions within 0.1 seconds. Most people want to make a positive first impression, but the question a lot of people ask is how to impress the new boss. As a new senior leader, you should want to make a lasting impression on your new team, and for all the right reasons. Don’t try to … Read More

Company Culture: How to lead the change

February 15, 2019 Written by: Michael Thomas

Leading a change in company culture is no small task, but it is a task worth undertaking. Often described as the personality of a business, company culture drives engagement and productivity. Without the right culture, you risk low morale, poor performance and difficulty attracting and keeping the best people. Changing the culture may be a challenge, but if you lead the change in the right way and have patience for change to happen, you can achieve the culture you want that will support your business goals.   Start with changing you Changing the culture of an organisation is fundamentally about … Read More

Meet our new head of Facilities Management

February 4, 2019 Written by: Craig Carnochan

Tell us about the man outside of the office Chauffeur to my 10-year-old goalkeeper son who plays for the local under 11’s football team. Huge Leeds United fan and for 25 years has competed in National and International off-road racing/rallying both as driver and navigator. Give us an insight into the career to date Career started in advertising and 11 years ago progressed into Executive recruitment, working with Facilities Management and Building Product Manufacturers, putting use to my education having qualifications in Building Studies and Building Surveying. Ran my own Facilities Management Recruitment company for 2 and a half years … Read More

Interview with Ben Sayer a new consultant at TS Grale!

January 23, 2019 Written by: Michael Thomas

TELL US ABOUT THE MAN OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICE? Born and raised in East Yorkshire, a small town called Hessle in Hull. For as long as he can remember Ben has been a mighty Hull Tigers fan, occasionally getting the chance to watch them play down at the KC Stadium. Ben also enjoys traveling and has recently explored the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. If he’s not at the KC Stadium or the TS Grale office, you’ll find him enjoying a nice pint of Moretti at his local pub!   GIVE US AN INSIGHT INTO THE CAREER TO DATE? Ben graduated … Read More

Industry 4.0: the smart factory and the future of manufacturing

January 10, 2019 Written by: Jason Saunders

Industry 4.0, the name given to the latest industrial revolution, describes the digital transformation taking place globally within manufacturing. As the industry steps into the future, we’re witnessing the beginning of the transition to the Smart Factory, incorporating cloud computing, cyber-physical systems and artificial intelligence. The idea of automation is nothing new in manufacturing, but Industry 4.0 is reaching far beyond the automation of linear supply chain operations and advancing manufacturing technology into flexible systems that use a constant stream of data, learning and adapting to demands. Why do we need smart factories? A smart factory provides a level of … Read More

What Brexit means for UK manufacturing

December 4, 2018 Written by: Michael Thomas

What Brexit means for UK manufacturing Following a vote in 2016 that divided a nation, Britain’s exit from the European Union still remains a hotly debated and somewhat uncertain topic. As the March 2019 deadline fast approaches, businesses across Europe have begun to prepare not only for the departure of the UK from the EU, but for the possibility that this may happen under a no-deal scenario. The manufacturing sector has already begun to experience what may lie ahead as Brexit-related uncertainties mount. The impact of Brexit on UK manufacturing so far If there’s one thing that industries and markets … Read More

You don’t need to survive a leadership change

November 22, 2018 Written by: Brendan Hayden

A change in senior management can be an unsettling time. There are concerns for job safety, funding and priorities for projects, and fears surrounding cultural changes that new leadership may bring. As daunting as it may seem, senior management change doesn’t have to be something that you need to claw your way through in the hope you’ll make it to the other side; it can be a really positive thing. With research showing that the average organisation has undergone five changes in the past three years, and 73% of organisations expect more change to come, it seems that change in … Read More

Why Company Culture is Your Key to Success

November 5, 2018 Written by: Matthew Lewis

Either you create a company culture, or it creates itself. But why leave something so crucial to chance? World class leaders are recognising that creating a great culture attracts and retains the best talent for your organisation. If you can develop a clearly defined and lived culture, you’re more likely to have employees who feel happy and valued at work. These are the employees who will keep delighting your clients and keep growing your business and your profits. What is company culture? You may have seen pictures of Google Headquarters and wonder how you could replicate the award-winning culture Google … Read More

Manufacturing and the Digital Age

October 19, 2018 Written by: Michael Thomas

The manufacturing industry is not at the dawn of a bright new digital age; it began decades ago. Globally, we’re seeing manufacturing companies investing in technology and continuing to advance automation to propel the industry forward. We’ve entered an exciting era of manufacturing that’s adopting ground-breaking artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, augmented reality, data analytics and more. According to the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, the UK was ranked 6th in the world for manufacturing competitiveness and projected to fall to 8th by 2020. A study by the GMB union found the sector has lost 600,000 jobs in a decade, and … Read More