What Brexit means for UK manufacturing

December 4, 2018 Written by: Michael Thomas

What Brexit means for UK manufacturing Following a vote in 2016 that divided a nation, Britain’s exit from the European Union still remains a hotly debated and somewhat uncertain topic. As the March 2019 deadline fast approaches, businesses across Europe have begun to prepare not only for the departure of the UK from the EU, but for the possibility that this may happen under a no-deal scenario. The manufacturing sector has already begun to experience what may lie ahead as Brexit-related uncertainties mount. The impact of Brexit on UK manufacturing so far If there’s one thing that industries and markets … Read More

You don’t need to survive a leadership change

November 22, 2018 Written by: Brendan Hayden

A change in senior management can be an unsettling time. There are concerns for job safety, funding and priorities for projects, and fears surrounding cultural changes that new leadership may bring. As daunting as it may seem, senior management change doesn’t have to be something that you need to claw your way through in the hope you’ll make it to the other side; it can be a really positive thing. With research showing that the average organisation has undergone five changes in the past three years, and 73% of organisations expect more change to come, it seems that change in … Read More

Why Company Culture is Your Key to Success

November 5, 2018 Written by: Matthew Lewis

Either you create a company culture, or it creates itself. But why leave something so crucial to chance? World class leaders are recognising that creating a great culture attracts and retains the best talent for your organisation. If you can develop a clearly defined and lived culture, you’re more likely to have employees who feel happy and valued at work. These are the employees who will keep delighting your clients and keep growing your business and your profits. What is company culture? You may have seen pictures of Google Headquarters and wonder how you could replicate the award-winning culture Google … Read More

Manufacturing and the Digital Age

October 19, 2018 Written by: Michael Thomas

The manufacturing industry is not at the dawn of a bright new digital age; it began decades ago. Globally, we’re seeing manufacturing companies investing in technology and continuing to advance automation to propel the industry forward. We’ve entered an exciting era of manufacturing that’s adopting ground-breaking artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, augmented reality, data analytics and more. According to the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, the UK was ranked 6th in the world for manufacturing competitiveness and projected to fall to 8th by 2020. A study by the GMB union found the sector has lost 600,000 jobs in a decade, and … Read More

Interview with our new consultant Brendan Hayden

October 4, 2018 Written by: Paul Fleming

Tell us about the man outside of the office Brendan was born in Northampton, and has grown up a keen Northampton Saints fan throughout his life. He tries to get down as often as possible to Franklin’s Gardens, and hopes to see them in a final again this season! When he isn’t travelling down to watch the Saints, Brendan enjoys playing rugby locally in Leeds on a Saturday afternoon. Give us an insight into the career to date   Throughout university, Brendan kept himself busy outside of his studies, choosing to take on several placements to gain some vital work … Read More

What the Plastics industry tells us about CSR

September 9, 2018 Written by: Jason Saunders

From pollution and carbon footprint to a potential UK ban on single-use products like drinking straws, media coverage of the plastics industry has had intense of late. Earlier this year, I even read a report on CNN Money that the World Economic Forum was warning that there could be more plastic than fish in terms of weight in the world’s oceans by 2050. Rather than be a warning of the demise of plastics, issues such as these have inspired the best in business to be mindful of new ways to diversify and expand, just like the print industry before them. Our … Read More

How do you become an MD in Manufacturing?

August 30, 2018 Written by: Michael Thomas

Recently, TS Grale worked with a manufacturing company around the movement of their Operations Director to the post of company Managing Director (MD). This project has involved an analysis of executive functions but also extensive succession planning. Even though this planning is so vital to business continuity, it’s surprising how many companies don’t plan as effectively as they should. Preparing a strategy for what is a constant and ongoing challenge, should be fundamental to the pivotal roles within a business. So, where do new MDs come from, and what experience do they have? Do manufacturing leaders generally come from a specialism … Read More

The benefits of interim leadership

August 6, 2018 Written by: Paul Fleming

According to recent findings from the Institute of Interim Management’s 2018 annual survey, many industries are benefitting from the use of interim expertise. The 2018 report – which uses data provided by 2,272 interim managers – shows that the private sector accounts for 65% of work, with 31% dedicated to public sector and just 4% to the not-for-profit or charity industry. The research also shows that around 25% of all interim management is already performed at Board level. Available at short notice and with experience and specialist skills not always found in-house, interim leaders can deliver change and improve efficiency quickly. … Read More

Managing staff during global acquisition

July 5, 2018 Written by: Matthew Lewis

At the start of June, I read that frozen-food manufacturer, Aunt Bessie’s, is to be bought in a €240 million agreement. Nomad Foods Ltd– a US-listed investment business – struck a deal with the William Jackson Food Group, a 167-year-old family firm based in Yorkshire. The news came only months after Nomad Foods also acquired the Goodfella’s Pizzabrand (as part of Green Isle Foods) for €225 million from Boparan Holdings. It has been a busy year for Nomad Foods with significant frozen-food portfolio expansion. Blending brands Aunt Bessie’s is a name that many of us are very familiar with in … Read More

Interview with our new E&M Business Manager Tonie Bentley

June 8, 2018 Written by: Michael Thomas

Tell us a little about yourself and your background in recruitment? I graduated with a Business Management degree in 2006 and started thinking about my career options. I knew I wanted a career in a fast paced, lively and passionate environment and my friend suggested a graduate assessment day. From this, I was approached by a Graduate recruitment company and effectively, began my career then. Working with graduates was a great way of learning the basics of the job and developing my passion of the recruitment industry. I then moved on to an Executive Search consultancy which enabled me to … Read More