Finding global talent for bespoke roles across diverse sectors

Delivering highly-talented candidates

Transportation and associated industries are some of the largest, interconnected, and most complex of sectors. They are also expanding rapidly. Areas like the space industry and civil aerospace technologies are benefitting from substantial investment.

From logistics, transport planning, storage operations, and supply-chain management to associated freight, automotive, aviation, rail, and maritime sectors, we deal with most aspects of this broad sector.

TS Grale aims to exceed expectations by providing a breadth of highly-talented candidates delivered through a professional and robust process, tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Requirements across this exciting and dynamic industry are vast and often bespoke. We have proven ourselves in a range of sectors including the automotive, rail and aerospace industry, and are working with some of the largest brands globally to keep operations running, 24/7.

Please speak to us to help refine and shape your brief.

What our clients say

Liam Booth – Vice President Operations Global Aftermarket, TMD Friction

“This was the second time we have utilised the services of the team at TS Grale to identify leaders for our business. We have been delighted with the results and would not hesitate to utilise them for future leadership positions within our business”


    Craig has worked as an executive head-hunter, company director and business leader for nearly twenty years. Having lived and worked internationally Craig provides extensive expertise and knowledge in support of his customers, sourcing and executive search requirements. Craig leads the TS Grale Executive Search team as well as being a key advisor on all International assignments.

    Shane has worked as a Maritime executive head-hunter since 2013 during which time he has successfully concluded numerous search campaigns for Maritime companies on an international basis. Shane has extensive practical experience of working onboard merchant ships, therefore he understands, first hand, the challenges that shipping companies have both at sea and onshore. Shane is responsible for leading the growth and development of the Maritime practice of TS Grale.