December 17, 2018 Written by: Matthew Lewis

It’s an exciting time for TS Grale as we launch our specialist consumer recruitment team. The consumer sector is a really interesting industry to work in as a recruiter, and while it may be new to the TS Grale brand, I’ve recruited for the consumer industry for several years.

What’s happening in the consumer sector?

I’ve always found the consumer sector to have distinct needs when it comes to the people that work within it. As an industry, it’s undergone rapid change during the past decade as consumers have an ever-increasing amount of choice. Consumers want things to look good, cost less and arrive faster. They’re looking for ethical brands, brands they can connect with, which means they’re demanding more transparency, looking beyond the direct retailer in an already heavily regulated industry to the integrity of suppliers and packaging. As a consumer business, it now takes more than a great sales team surpassing targets to improve your bottom line; you need to look to your supply chain and operations. Or rather, look to the people that lead those functions within your business.

Consumer TS Grale service

What skills do you need within your consumer business?

From the MD, down to the Ops and Supply Managers, you’re looking for a unique talent pool. Within the consumer industry, there’s more focus on the end user. You’re looking for people that not only have the technical abilities, but that can really get into customers heads and understand what they want, and how to make that happen. Translating what happens in the supply chain and operations to the impact on customer experience isn’t a skill to be underestimated. In this constantly evolving sector, businesses can find it challenging to hire the right leaders who are agile enough to not only keep up but stay one step ahead while protecting and improving profit margins.

Consumer TS Grale service

Why use a specialist recruiter?

When you need specialist skills and sector-relevant experience at senior levels in your business, using a specialist recruiter will have advantages over general recruitment. Here at TS Grale, our consumer sector understanding and experience not only gives us access to more of the right candidates, meaning you can have those key roles in your business filled quicker, but we also have the ability to assess who will be the best fit for your business. In director roles within the consumer industry, a great cultural fit with the right behavioural qualities is crucial to driving your business forward long term. The longer it takes you to find the right person ultimately, the more it costs your business, and not just financially. When you work with TS Grale, your specialist consumer recruiter ensures you’re not wasting valuable time on candidates that simply don’t have the unique skillset that the industry and your business demands.

Consumer TS Grale service

Our specialist market knowledge and insight covers a range of disciplines within the consumer sector. To find out more about recruiting for your next leader or director within your business, get in touch with us here.

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