World Class Leader Report

We wanted to understand the main problems affecting industry, so, after many months of in-depth research and interviews with board level executives and directors, we are delighted to publish our new World Class Leader Report on what makes a successful global leader for the future.

In putting this report together, it was important to us to include a comprehensive range of insights and perspectives. That’s why we spoke to more than 20 senior leaders from across private, listed and private equity backed businesses, with turnovers ranging from less than £20m to more than £1bn.

Key leadership questions for the future

In bringing together a range of cross-sector experiences and opinions, the report also answers a wide range of key questions relating to leadership.

These include:

  • How critical are the younger generation to the manufacturing and industrial sectors and how valuable are their technical skills?
  • What specific skills do women bring to leadership roles and is business better for having different viewpoints round the table?
  • Do people want leadership roles as much as they used to?
  • What makes a world-class leader?

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