TS Grale aims to provide an exceptional, personalised service supporting management and executives in recruiting and attracting the best talent across the market.
TS Grale is an executive recruitment partnership dedicated to Manufacturing and Industrial markets. Our goal is clear:
"To be the first choice executive search advisory and recruitment firm supporting Manufacturing and Industrial companies of all sizes.”


When TS Grale launched in April 2016 the UK Manufacturing industry was considering the potential ramifications of an impending BREXIT vote. Companies were debating the prospective economic effect and investments started to become a “Leap of Faith”. A “Leap of Faith” can literally be described as an action that is undertaken when you are unsure of the ability to succeed. Many of the most important decisions in our lives could very well be described by this phrase, as empirical evidence is not always on hand to justify some of our most critical choices.

The decision to create TS Grale was a choice, deliberated over some time by its founders, to address the challenge that Manufacturing and Industrial companies have in finding a recruitment partner dedicated to their sector. The “Leap of Faith” for ourselves was in seeing whether our new collective business could cut through the noise in an industry, where ambiguity in the quality of service continues to be a cause for concern.

TS Grale was established to make a difference. A difference for the employees, who are passionate in their belief that choosing a recruitment partner should not be a “Leap of Faith”. A difference for the customers who should not hold back in making critical decisions on staffing. A difference to the individuals that want objective advice when making the challenging leap into a new role or new employer.

TS Grale was established to support the Global Manufacturing and Industrial community with honest, time intensive and consultative support removing the ambiguity in delivery. I hope that in time you will share in our belief that TS Grale are the right recruitment partner for all companies within Manufacturing and Industrial markets.