A Day in the Life: Katia Deniscuka

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In this blog, we will learn a little more about Katia who has recently joined TS Grale’s apprenticeship program as a Business Administrator.

Your background

I was originally born in Liepaja, Latvia but my family’s background is a mix of Russian/Ukrainian. Before I joined TS Grale, I was studying philosophy at university in Manchester. I have dedicated most of my life to education, but came to the realisation that I wanted to transition into starting my career. I have always been attracted to working within an office environment and the role of a Business Administrator appealed to me because my current soft and hard skills are most suited for the role.

TS Grale Team
Why did you choose TS Grale?

I was referred by my friend Erika – a Marketing Assistant at TS Grale, who was finishing off her apprenticeship at the time. What attracted me most was when I learned that the team are very supportive and treat one another equally. I think this is because we have a lot of team building days outside of work which gives us the opportunity to bond on a friendship level as well. There are lots of incentives to do well and you are rewarded for hard work. Most importantly, you are given the opportunity to develop your skills and as your quality of work improves, you have the option to progress on the career ladder within the company.

What does a typical day look like for you?
With my grandma and sister

When I wake up, the first thing that I look forward to is my morning coffee! Upon arriving at the office, the atmosphere is always uplifting and welcoming. I meet with the team to discuss any ongoing projects and set out tasks for the day which consist of formatting documents and working on projects that hold prospects of establishing business with new clients.

After work I like to unwind by going for an evening swim at the leisure centre which I like to finish off with a relaxing steam and sauna session. When I get home, I catch up with my younger sisters and smother my cat, Simon, with love and attention (whilst I wait for the new Love Island episode to air!). During the weekend I like to meet my friends for dinner and wine.

Have you learned anything new in your role?

I never understood the internal functioning of a business properly before joining the industry. I feel very involved in the growing success of TS Grale and have a much broader understanding of how recruitment works and how exciting it can be! I have also evolved my research skills and feel confident in my future abilities to progress at a stable pace. Working very closely with the Global Executive Search team has allowed me to learn a lot more about the varying levels of roles within different industries and countries – which I find very interesting.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Little Me

I would tell her not to be scared of changing career paths and taking risks! Always do what makes YOU happy and not necessarily what your family and peers think you should do. It is okay to change your mind even if you have already began a specific journey which doesn’t feel right. It is never too late to establish a new career path, Colonel Sanders started KFC when he turned 40! You are not behind, everyone is on their own timeline.

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