Hybrid Burnout: The Effects Of The “New Normal”

Hybrid working, as it would seem, is here to stay. It offers flexibility for both the employee and the business and over 73% of people believe that the impact on their role has been overall positive (Culture24).

Whilst it has been a step in the right direction, there is also an unfortunate new issue – “Hybrid Burnout”

What Is Hybrid Burnout?

Hybrid burnout is the stress that arises from employees working two very different working patterns. The first is within the traditional office environment and the second is through remote working.

Since hybrid working has become more popular, and according to HR News, searches for employee burnout have risen by more than 2500% with only 1 in 6 employees feeling that their mental health needs are being supported at work in the past 12 months.

What Causes Hybrid Burnout?

Whilst employees are juggling various stresses that are unique to both environments, there have been a number of knock on effects. These are:

Adopting an “always on” culture due the ease of employees to remain switched on. The boundaries between home and work are consistently being blurred.

Managers are struggling to notice the signs of burnout and therefore finding it difficult to react quickly. A snapshot in the office may not be enough without support in place.

More meetings due to lack of trust (either perceived or actual). This is exacerbated by the misconception that the employees that return to the full time traditional office environment quickly are more committed.

How Can We Support Employees?

As managers, there are a few key steps you can take to support your team. These are:

  • Being meticulous in spotting the signs
  • Regular wellbeing catch ups
  • Encouraging a healthy work/life balance
  • Adopting a culture of trust.

If you have adopted hybrid working, let us know your thoughts.

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