Meet Sean Rowlands – Head of Construction & Infrastructure


Tell us about the man outside the office

As dad to three young children who all have their favourite hero I can unleash the child in me.  My wife always says she has four children and I don’t disappoint.   Evenings and weekends are spent trying to keep up with a little girl who is a real tomboy, a son who is mad about Star Wars and a newborn.  Quality time with them is really important, they won’t be young forever.   Even my passion for Manchester United is on the back burner.

Tell us about your career to date

I joined recruitment during the recession focusing on Executive Search.  After seeing different sectors, I have specialised for over 10 years in construction and infrastructure.  I’ve strong relationships with the construction and infrastructure contractors, and the engineering design consultants, nationally and globally, where I support them with their senior leadership positions. It can be challenging because of the scale of projects, the size of budgets and timelines involved from planning through to completion, but I have developed a deep understanding for what companies and teams are looking for.

What does success look like for Sean moving forward?

Recruitment is really exciting now. We have an ever growing population and an ageing infrastructure, the investment in maintaining the infrastructure in places that we live and work is ever more important. We are also sourcing talent for companies building in emerging economies such as China and South America.  I am also doing a lot of work in North America.  I want to build a robust international business base in construction, infrastructure and engineering design solutions.

What does Sean think of the Recruitment Industry?

The recruitment companies who will be the most successful are those who provide a first class service. Our business is growing in North America because service is everything to them. Quality service is part of their cultural DNA. You must be thorough, understand your market properly and be able and willing to deliver.

Why TS Grale?

I have worked with Craig Carnochan before and his ethos for TS Grale resonates with my own values.  At the same time, I am hungry to learn from his experience and knowing him as I feel I do, I believe he will gather a team around him that can thrive off each other.  TS Grale appreciate that each one of us thrives and delivers if we have flexibility to be creative and have a degree of autonomy.  It is a really exciting opportunity.

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