The resilience of UK Manufacturing

By Amanda Riley

Around this time last year, I commented on an encouraging survey by Make UK/PwC that optimistically predicted UK Manufacturing growth of +3.3% in 2022. COVID seemed to be in its final throes, despite the best efforts of the Omicron variant and the general mood was that opportunity outweighed the risks.

No one then could have predicted the turbulence that lay ahead.  

The 2023 MakeUK/PwC Executive Survey is quite a different read.

MAKE UK Executive Survey – PwC UK

Rising energy costs, a nationwide skills shortage (2022 saw 90,000 live vacancies in the UK Manufacturing Sector) and economic inflation (which has pushed up wages universally but had a greater impact on UK Manufacturing, which on average paid 12% higher wages than the rest of the economy in 2022) are testing even the most resilient, agile and innovative of the great leaders of this sector.

But the Good News is that they are Seasoned Pros at this: They are leading, rather than waiting to be led. 

2023 will be a challenging time for all but the onslaught of the unexpected that has pushed UK Manufacturing to new limits over the last few years, has created a new leader adept at leading during times of uncertainty and who wants to learn from others.  

As a consistent supplier into, and advocate of the UK Manufacturing sector, our networks and connections are deep. We are speaking with and supporting many industry leaders on a daily basis and are happy to act as a conduit to enable businesses to share their learnings.

If you feel we can help you to make the right connections, then please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or the team at TS Grale.

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