Anniversaries – why celebrate them?


TS Grale have had plenty to celebrate recently. We’ve grown our team, we’re looking for new offices and it’s our third anniversary!

Now the first two passed relatively un-noticed; we’re looking to grow again and in the fullness of time we’ll want even bigger offices, if not more.

Our third anniversary was something we did mark – for a number of reasons. Anniversaries matter to everyone.  Birthdays, weddings, whatever the occasion, people would feel let down if these landmarks were overlooked. At TS Grale celebrating our work anniversaries are a chance to reflect.

Looking back over three years we had the opportunity to consider how far we have come on our journey, see if we had strayed from our original core values, or have we enhanced them on the way and recognised what everyone in the team have contributed to our success.

So as a successful team manager why should you celebrate anniversaries and what benefits can they deliver to your bottom line?

Re-enforce your core values 

It’s no surprise that businesses with a well thought out, clearly documented set of core values are more successful.  Team members associate personally with them, it motivates them to deliver every day and gives them a shared sense of principals.  At the same time, it gives a well organised business the chance to recognise the work of the whole team, thank and reward them.  Staff appreciate recognition, particularly when everyone benefits and give back in kind.


No one is an island and people work better being able to bounce ideas off others, contribute to new products and services, share best practice and get things off their chest.  The focus on a work anniversary reminds team members about the contribution their colleagues make and why they gelled as a group to start with.

Reflect on your core values

From Day One we were determined to do things differently.  Coming from professional recruitment backgrounds we knew there was a better way forward.  With long established client relationships, we recognised the need to be creative in our assessment, evolutionary with our customer service and diverse in our team and how we worked.  Our third anniversary gave everyone the chance to reflect on how true we had remained to our core values, but also how open to innovation and implementation we had been when we discovered something new that could work for the benefit of our clients, candidates and our business.

Set some goals

There’s nothing we can do about the past.  TS Grale has been celebrating our history to date, but while success is important, we are a forward-looking business, built on innovation.  The business landscape is evolving.  The next generation senior managers understand that they can learn as much from younger, agile and intellectual colleagues.  We all took the chance of our anniversary celebrations to set some new goals.  As well as business growth we looked at evolving our service to ensure that we stay ahead of our competitors for the benefit of our clients and remain consistent in our ethos.

Everyone contributed so that our more mature colleagues could share the wisdom of their expertise while some of our younger colleagues challenged and made some suggestions based on their understanding of how IT and innovation can work for everyone.

Remember what you love about the business

We spend a lot of time at work with our colleagues.  It can drag if you aren’t happy.  Logic dictates that if you are still with your business then you like it.  But question why?   Is it the work? do you feel appreciated? do you feel you make a difference? is it the benefits?  Different people respond differently to diverse triggers.  Money is no longer the be all and end all for most colleagues.  Find out what people want.  Is it greater flexibility? career opportunities? time to spend on a community asset, support for personal development?  Offer them as incentives, they could work better than cash!

Have fun 

As I’ve already said we spend a lot of time at work.  To celebrate our third anniversary, TS Grale headed for a team night out.  It gave us the chance to enjoy some down time, feel that the business recognised and rewarded our efforts and truly celebrate what has been an amazing journey to date.

If you would like an informal discussion about our core values please contact us!

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